One of the Biggest issues facing Pima County and the Region is the disastrous condition of our roads! The University of Arizona Eller College of Management provides a dashboard of metrics for Southern Arizona. Their “Pothole Index” shows how bad our roads really are.

The Eller College dashboard also tracks Economic growth in our region. As you can see by the data, we have the worst roads and the lowest business growth rate.  There is a clear correlation. We need “curb appeal” in our community to attract new business and jobs. In addition, our deplorable roads are costing all us in vehicle repairs and are a real danger to our bicycling community.


Pot hole Index

Business Growth Rate










I believe that the biggest issue that the Board of Supervisors needs to solve is the road problem. The board majority has not shown leadership in this area and they continue to blame others for their lack of leadership. Solving our crumbling roads problem will be one of my highest priorities in my next term.  Below is  a plan to fix our roads. The plan starts with a framework which outlines the elements that the plan must follow. I can support  any plan that meets these conditions:


Road Framework


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I’ve put together a Road repair plan that meets all the conditions of the framework.  The Plan will meet the needs of the community for the next 20 years.  This plan is  a regional solution and meets the needs of every jurisdiction in the county for pavement preservation needs. The plan utilizes 3 sources of funding:  Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) changes, 1997 HURF bonds changes, and the allocation of existing HURF dollars towards road repairs. The summary of the plan is shown below:



Road Plan

This road repair plan  will put us on a sustainable path to repair and maintain our roads. This is a key element to giving  Pima County “Curb Appeal” and driving economic development. There is much work left to bring stakeholders to agreement  on a final version of the plan.  However, we need to start somewhere and now is the time to put forth a plan.  The taxpayers of this community have waited long enough for real leadership on a regional road repair plan.  To see the details of the plan , click the link below:

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