More about Ally

Hello and welcome!  My name is Ally Miller.

I am a Republican running for the Pima County Board of Supervisors.

I have decided to run for my second term in 2016.   We have a decision to make this election.  We can choose the status quo or we can choose a new path.

Our young people have no jobs or future here in Pima County. Our biggest resorts are in bankruptcy. Our home values are down and foreclosures are a common event.  We aren’t enjoying the economic recovery seen in Maricopa county.   Our roads are still full of potholes and are a safety hazard for commuters.   Pima County can do better!

Since we are experiencing a much slower recovery it is time to excercise fiscal restraint and  stop the out of control  spending in Pima County.  We are close to $1.4 Billion in debt already.  Now the voters will make a decision on whether to approve another  $815 million bond debt  this fall.   I didn’t support moving this bond to the ballot due to the current debt and slow recovery.     The money  borrowed in the past  has not accomplished what was promised to the taxpayers.  Millions have been squandered as bond projects overran and via nonessential purchases of land and buildings.  We can’t continue spending  as we did during the economic boom while our tax base remains flat.  Make no mistake; these shortsighted practices will result in continued property tax increases.  Families struggling to pay their mortgages and seniors on fixed incomes will be forced to move or worse yet,  they could lose their homes.  We need to operate our government in a more responsible and efficient manner.  Purchasing $1million building with wastewater revenue in May, 2015 is reprehensible when that same department is asking the board to approve another wastewater rate increase in August of 2015.

Purchasing $16 million worth of land on July 1, 2014 after approving a  record breaking tax increase is another example of nonessential spending.  Open space and dirt for soccer fields weren’t a necessity yet the board majority voted to approve this spending on the first day of this fiscal year!   Enough is enough!

We need to preserve our outstanding quality of life while implementing strategies for responsible business growth.  We need to reduce regulatory burdens that restrict businesses from opening, growing, and flourishing in Pima County. We need sound business practices, not political pandering.

Pima County has the unfortunate distinction of having highest tax rate in the state. There has been no effort to stop spending or to live within our means. Continually funding nonessential purchases on the backs of taxpayers is irresponsible governance.  Higher taxes deter business growth.  It is time for strong leadership versus more of the same policies that have stopped business from coming to Pima County.