I’m  proud  to announce that I have received the endorsement of the Tucson Association of Realtors. 


The Tucson Association of REALTORS® (TAR) is a trade association that represents the interests of some 5,100 professionals in the real estate industry in Southern Arizona. Their mission is to promote enhanced communications, a positive regulatory climate, and elevate professionalism and public perception for members. The Tucson Association of REALTORS® is ‘The Voice of Real Estate within Southern Arizona.


TAR President Eric Gibbs stated:  “Our endorsement of Ally is based on her record of service and accomplishment for our community as well as her dedication to creating real change in the direction in leadership of Pima County.  

The Pima County Sheriff’s Deputy Association Endorses Ally

PCDSA Rev AI  am extremely pleased and honored to announce that I have received the endorsement of the Pima County Sheriff’s Deputy Association. The Sheriff Deputies are on  the front line every day  keeping the citizens of Pima County safe and they  deserve our respect and gratitude.  We must work to keep the department fully funded for staffing and equipment.   I look forward to working with the Pima County Sheriff Deputy Association to assist them in meeting their goals.


The Southern Arizona Home Builders (SAHBA)  Endorsed Ally



We’re all familiar with the SAHBA home shows that happen twice a year in Tucson. In addition to the home shows this group works to support the home building industry. This is an important part of our economy as well as builds the many outstanding homes in Pima County. I’m excited to have received their endorsement and look forward to working with them in the future.


Link to Endorsement



Ally Receives Endorsement of the Sun City Oro Valley Republican Club 

The Sun City Oro Valley Republican Club is one of the largest Republican Clubs in Southern Arizona. This is the first time the Sun City Republican Club has endorsed a candidate in a Republican primary.  It was a unanimous vote!    I am so honored and  blessed to know all the wonderful members of this club.  You ALL give me strength to keep moving forward every day  and I can never express how much you ALL mean to me.


vote no

The Taxpayers against Pima Bonds committee was a grass roots effort to oppose the 2015 Pima County bonds and raised a little over $10,000

I’m proud to have the endorsement from this grass roots group. I was the only Supervisor to vote against putting these bonds on the election and actively campaigned against them. It was clear to me that they were full of pork and  give aways to special interests, and the taxpayers would be left holding the bill.


Ld 11 team website

I’m Proud to have been endorsed by the Entire Legislative District 11 Team.

LD 11 includes northwest Tucson and all of Oro Valley and most of Marana.


The Press release of their endorsement is:


  LD11 Endorsement


I have a great relationship with Marana and Mayor Ed Honea. I’m excited to have his strong and impassioned endorsement.  Play the video below to say what Ed has to say!



Honea Logo

Bracco Logo Picture


Sahuarita Vice Mayor Bill Bracco has been a strong supporter and great friend.

While Sahuarita is not in District 1, we’ve collaborated on many items which impact the entire region. I  am proud to have the endorsement of Bill.









Americans For Prosperity provides ratings for elected officials and their stewardship of taxpayer dollars. This is not an  endorsement by AFP,  but is certainly an endorsement for my  stewardship of your tax dollars.  I am proud to be one of 0nly 2 County Supervisors in the State of Arizona to be rated “Champion of the Taxpayer”

The full report can be found at:  AFP 2015 Ratings








NW Conservatives


The residents of Northwest  Tucson  have always been activists for protection of taxpayer dollars. The Northwest Conservatives is a group of conservatives who meet monthly to discuss political issues that affect us locally as well as nationally.   I am proud to be endorsed by this group.

The Press release of their endorsement is:  Endorsement



The Endorsements that mean the most to me are from the residents of Pima County.  I have always been a “Grass Roots” candidate and it is important for me to stay connected to my constituents.  If I’ve missed you, please send me a note and I’ll add your name to this list!  I am extremely proud to be endorsed by all of you!


Agnes Hannley

Alex Bissett

Beth Ruboyianes

William Jellison

Anne Harmon

Sharon Chenevert

Lola White

Barney Brenner

Anita Leist

Craig Rendahl

Bart Pemberton

John Davenport

Don Lovitt

Beth Hargrove

Sewa Sandhu

Beverley Machulies

Bradley Johns

Charles Molander

Matthew Moutafis

Charles Moffett

John Kessler

Chris DeSimone

Cynthia Stevens

Cynthia Rose

Shirley Cooney

Jim Click

Jack McGettigan

Darwin Thornton

David Hammond

Diane Sanchez

Wendy Reuter

Elisabeth McCaleb

Sam Almy

Dwayne Koval

Fernando Gonzales

Gary Davidson

Jerryn Lindsey

George H. Garcia

Alan Brass

Gary Rose

Geri Ottoboni-Gilmore

Gina Flores

Bill Groeninger

Hank Goede

Terri Proud

Gini Crawford

Howard Lee

Jack Ingram

James Beach

James Cook

Jan Humble

Patricia Bott

Jan Jeffries

Dave Jeffries

Rosalie Wright

Jeff Miller

Anne Serverian

Jane Stump-Green

Jeff Tobin

Jennifer Rawson

Annika Dunmire

Jerry Lindsey

Miran Trampush

Wendy Reuter

Jim Lips

Dale Lips

Joe Flores

Joe Higgins

John Antliff

Diane Sanchez

John Pfeiffer

Warren Wright

John Holden

John Tyreman

John Van De Beuken

Joseph Boogaart

Judith Miller

Kathy Macaulay

Wendy Dewey

Linda Felter

Tom Van Vessem

Cindy Lewis

Bill Bracco

Connie Pellman

Leiann Anderson

Ed Honea

Marilyn Rego

Wayne Smith

Marvene Smith

Carl White

Mary Allen

Merritt McGlothlin

Michael Schwager

Bill Wewee

Mike Auvil

Robert Burchette

Mike Ebert

Nancy Newman

Neil Clements

Marty Ronstadt

Panda Vest

Irene Hunt

Onita Davis

Patti Wooley

Peter Mangelsdorf

George H. Garcia

Paul Walther

Darlene Walther

Phil Rack

Raquel Cook

Robert Carlson

Paul Stevens

Robert Barr

Jim Sanchez

Robert Cherba

Robert Metz

Ruth McClung

John Hohn

Rosalie Wright

Walter Dunkel

Shaun McClusky

Shelby Hawkins

Sherry Potter

Dennis Duval

Shellie Simler

Barbara Phillips

Roy Montoya

Sherese Steffens

Bruce Lau

George Garcia

Stephen Lenihan

Tom Naifeh

Shirl Lamonna

Susan Heistand

Tom Crawford

Tom Downs

Tom Polley

Vince Roberts

Warren Braun

Wayne M. Duffy

William Hutchison

Anita Leist

Dan Weaver

Vicki Click

David Mehl

Steve Nanini

John Holden

Dave Turley

Aina Dickerson

Bonnie Mehl

Bayard Auchinloss

Sarah Davis

Lee Cornelison

Jerry Jones

Joyce Pasche

Jerry Hoeft

Onita Davis

Chuck Freitas

Bill Groeninger

John Krempen

Salim Hariri

 Sonia Hariri

Frank Olivieri

Becky Olivieri

 Sherry Ratledge

 Bud Petrillio

 Eileen Eagar

 Rudy Milchak

 Rob Henry

 Jan Henry

 Tom Storey

 Robert Miller

 Neil Clements

 Allen Burt

Arlene Burt

 Vicki Cox Golder